Area Attractions

Dolphin Watch Nature Tours

Groups and individuals can have encounters with the sea that most people never get to experience. Guests may board one of three boats and choose between a fishing trip, dolphin watch/nature tour, or book a private charter. Watch dolphins up close in their natural habitat as they feed and play. View the diverse selection of birds on the coast including pelicans, cormorants, Whooping cranes, and seasonal species. Dolphin Watch Nature Tours offers a rare opportunity to have a personal experience with sea animals. The boats have clean restrooms, drinks & snacks, or bring your own picnic. Reservations are required.

Texas State Aquarium

Located on nearly 8 acres of Corpus Christi Beach, the Texas State Aquarium allows visitors to tour the Gulf of Mexico without getting in the water. As soon as you enter the aquarium, you are greeted by the smells of the sea and sounds of Mother Nature. You'll begin your self-guided tour with the Plaza of the Whales and view coastal habitats, then move on to Back Bay Marsh and get nose to nose with an alligator. Next is the Star Touch Pool where you can pick up sea creatures including sea urchins, hermit crabs, and others. Don't miss the Seahorse exhibit, schooling fish, sea turtles, tiger sharks, and the new Amazon exhibit. There are also dolphins, otters and stingrays. Plan to spend the day so you can see all the amazing sea animals.

The Lexington

We’ve set up five different routes, covering 100,000 square feet and eleven decks. Explore at your own pace and discover the many stories behind the LEX. Go in any order, but make sure you see it all. Each tour is unique and features interactive displays to take your adventure to a whole new level. If you have questions along the way, look for our “yellow shirt” volunteers (many of whom served on USS Lexington!) They know all the ins and outs of the ship and will be happy to assist you.